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EAroma brings you farm-fresh produce from Western Ghats directly from farmers to your home. Most of our products are grown by local farmers belonging to Idukki district of Kerala. Nestled in Western Ghats, Idukki is well known for its natural beauty as well as the quality of produce.

By sourcing directly from the farmers and bypassing middlemen, we are able to ensure that the farmers receive the right proceeds from their harvests. Our model also provides an insurance cover to farmers for their crops. We also help farmers technically evolve better by passing on the processed information through our platform. All this empowers and protects the actual cultivators, and promises them an assured return for their investments and efforts.

For our customers, this translates into certified export-quality products at reduced costs without any compromise on quality.

Culinary Uses and Health Benefits


February 13, 2016

Coffee is the popular beverage consumed around the world after tea and water. Coffee is valued for its rich flavour and aroma. Coffee is prepared by brewing roasted coffee seeds, commonly known as coffee beans and appreciated for its stimulating properties imparted by caffeine. Coffee is served in many ways such as white coffee, black coffee, ice coffee, coffee macchiato, espresso, etc. Culinary Uses Freeze leftover coffee can be used to make iced coffee, popsicles, and sauce. Coffee flavouring is added to various baked and cold desserts. Coffee is also used in savoury dishes such as roasted meats to baked beans. Coffee is used to prepare tiramisu and it is also added to brownies, puddings and cakes. Coffee can be...

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